C11 Young Scientist Prize-Call for nominations

Call for nominations:

The Commission on Particles and Fields (C11) of IUPAP solicits nominations of outstanding young experimental or theoretical particle physicists for the two 2014 Young Scientists Prizes.

The prizes, each consisting of an IUPAP medal and a cash (€1000) award, will be presented at the 37th International Conference on High Energy Physics, Valencia, Spain on July 2 - 9, 2014.

Candidates for the prize should have a maximum of 8 years of research experience (excluding career interruptions) following the PhD. Previous award recipients will not be eligible for the award.

Nominations for the IUPAP Particles and Fields Young Scientist Prize can be made by experimental or theoretical particle physicists who know the work of the nominee well.

Nominations should consist of a minimum of two letters explaining the nominee's qualifications and scientific achievements, a complete CV and a list of publications.

Nomination materials should be sent by electronic mail to the C11 Commission Chair Hiroaki Aihara IUPAP-YSP@hep.phys.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp before February 1, 2014.