C5. Commission on Low Temperature Physics

Mandate - art. 1

Art. 1 
To promote the exchange of information and views among the members of the international scientific community in the general field of Low Temperature Physics including:

  1. the low temperature properties of solids, particularly those that only manifest themselves at low temperatures;
  2. quantum solids and liquids, particularly of the lightest elements;
  3. the basic mechanisms and physics of superconductivity;
  4. low temperature techniques;
  5. practical applications of low temperatures physics

Proposed Sites to Host LT28 (in 2017)

Proposals are now being sought from those who have an interest to host the 28th International Conference on Low Temperature Physics to be held in 2017.  By natural rotation, LT28 is expected to be held in Europe; LT26 was in Beijing, China, in 2011 and LT27 will be held in Buenos Aires in 2014. 

Deadline for receipt of nominations is April 18 15, 2014.  The C5 Commission anticipates that the selection will be finalized during its meeting in Buenos Aires at the time of LT27 (early August, 2014) and announced at the end of that meeting.

Click here for more information or to get details of how to propose a site to host LT28.

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