Application for Conference Sponsorship

Application for Sponsorship of an International Meeting

Before filling this form, please read carefully the IUPAP policies for the sponsorship of IUPAP conferences.

  1. Fill in the blanks below. 
  2. Print your own copy of the application (using your web browser).
  3. Please select the Chair and Secretary of the relevant Commission at the bottom of the completed form so that they will receive a copy of the application. PLEASE NOTE: All applications for Type-D Conferences must be submitted to the Commission on Physics for Development (C13).
  4. Then press the submit button at the bottom of the form to have your application sent.
  5. As an alternate way to apply for sponsorship, the information requested below may be mailed to the Chair of the relevant Commission, to the Associate Secretary-General and to the IUPAP Administrator.



Name of relevant IUPAP - Commission
Start and End Dates
Name of Organiser/
Contact Person
E-mail (essential information)
Conference WWW Address
Mailing Address

Type of Conference: 
     A. General       B. Topical       C. Special       D. Workshops in Developing Countries
Number of participants expected
Have you submitted this conference information to the Liaison Committee of the host country?  YES
Estimated total budget (Euros)
Is there a registration fee?  YES
Amount (Euros)

If the fee is not yet defined, can you make the commitment that the registration fee will not exceed the limit set by IUPAP ?


Is an IUPAP grant requested?


Amount (Euros)

Please confirm that you will send the requested short report to IUPAP after the Conference 




a. Ongoing series: Describe below briefly the scope of the conference. There should be a clear need for the proposed conference. A statement should be given why the series should be continued. Please email a programme and list of speakers from one or more recent conferences to the IUPAP secretariat.
New conference: Bearing in mind that the proliferation of conferences is of general concern, describe below the particular reason for holding this conference.  Its relationship to existing conferences should be given.

Please note: 960 characters max (12 lines, 80 characters)

b. The composition of Advisory and Program Commitees should give evidence of scientific quality, international characer and diversity. It is expected that all IUPAP sponsored conferences include women as members of their program committees.
Please indicate how this conference fulfills such requirements.

Provide a list of the program committee with evidence that women are included. Enter one committee member per line,  Indicate women members with an * after their name.

Please note: 1800 characters max (30 lines, 60 characters)

c. Acceptance of papers should be based on a refereeing system which assures a level comparable with that of papers in regular journals. Every effort should be made to have the proceedings of the conference published in order to make them widely and easily available to the scientific community. Publication of proceedings as a special issue of a regular journal or on the world wide web is encouraged.
Please indicate how this conference is responsive to these issues.

Please note: 560 characters max (7 lines, 80 characters)

d. IUPAP policy calls for adequate representation of applied aspects wherever appropriate, and - at general conferences - the encouragement of a Public Lecture. Indicate how this conference can be responsive to these concerns.

Please note: 560 characters max (7 lines, 80 characters)


What is the frequency of the conference?

Has this conference previously had IUPAP sponsorship?

If so, in which years? which country?


To qualify for IUPAP sponsorship:

1. The meeting must be open to scientists regardless of nationality and citizenship. List below the name and address of the official who will be responsible for assuring that the host country fulfills this obligation, and discuss any potential problems that you know of at this time.

Please note: 560 characters max (7 lines, 80 characters)

2. Please confirm that the "statement on free circulation of scientists" will be published in all announcements and in the Proceedings of the Conference.

Please note: 560 characters max (7 lines, 80 characters)

3. At least 50% of the attendees must be from outside the host country. Please confirm that you expect that this requirement will be fulfilled.

Please note: 560 characters max (7 lines, 80 characters)


If you know of any potential conflicts with other conferences, please describe them below.

Please note: 560 characters max (7 lines, 80 characters)

Please choose the relevant Commission Chair and Secretary so that they will receive a copy of this application.
*Please note all Type D conference requests must select C13 Commission Chair and Commission Secretary.

Commission Chair:
Commission Secretary:
To submit the form, please copy only the bold text into the text field before submitting



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