Executive Council: Officers 2017-2020

Executive Council: Officers 2017-2020

October 2017-2020


President: Kennedy Reed
Email: Kennedy Reed

Past President: Bruce McKellar
Email: Bruce McKellar

President-Designate: Michel Spiro
Email: Michel Spiro

Secretary General: Kok Khoo Phua
Email: Kok Khoo Phua

Associate Secretary General: Rudzani Nemutudi
Email: Rudzani Nemutudi

Vice-Presidents Elected at Large

FINANCE: Enge Wang
Email: Enge Wang

CENTENARY:  Monica Pepe-Altarelli (2014)
Email: Monica Pepe-Altarelli

OUTREACH: Vitaly Kveder (2014)
Email: Vitaly Kveder

Email: Nithaya Chetty

GENDER CHAMPION: Silvina Ponce Dawson
Email: Silvina Ponce Dawson

Vice-Presidents Elected from the Commission Chairs

Rahul Pandit (C3)
Email: Rahul Pandit

Rolf Haug (C8)
Email: Rolf Haug

Laura H Greene (C10)
Email: Laura H Greene

Claes Fahlander (C12)
Email: Claes Fahlander

Roberto Nardi (C14)Email: Roberto Nardi


Maitri Bobba / Sun Han
IUPAP Secretariat
Institute of Advanced Studies
Nanyang Technological University
Nanyang Executive Centre #02-18
60 Nanyang View
Singapore 639673

Tel: +65 65927784
Fax: +65 6794 4941
Email: IUPAP Singapore


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