WG10: Astroparticle Physics International Committee (ApPIC)

WG10: Astroparticle Physics International Committee (ApPIC)

The Astroparticle Physics International Committee (ApPIC) was established by the 2011 General Assembly. In October 2012 the Executive Council authorised that members be appointed, and that the mandate be drawn up in consultation with the first members of the Committee.

Charge to Working Group

  • review on a regular basis the scientific status of the field of Astroparticle Physics;
  • engage in a continuous dialogue with “The Astroparticle Physics International Forum (APIF)” of the Global Science Forum (GSF)2 and to give scientific advice to APIF, whose members are appointed by funding agencies;
  • comment on and liaise with similar national and international organs on assessment and road-mapping activities, as the need may arise, such as for promoting the global coherence of plans, priorities and projects, in Astroparticle Physics.


Chair: Michel Spiro, France
Pierre Binetruy, France
Roger Blandford, USA
Zhen Cao, China
Eugenio Coccia, Italy
Don Geesaman, USA
Kunio Inoue, Japan
Naba Mondal, India
Angela Olinto, USA
Natalie Roe, USA
Sheila Rowan, GB
Valery Rubakov, Russia
Bernard Sadoulet, USA
Subir Sarkar, GB/Denmark
Christian Spiering, Germany
Yoichiro Suzuki, Japan




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