Letter of Intent of a Bid to Host the 20161UPAP C&CC Meeting

at Taipei, Taiwan

The Physical Society of

the Republic of China (Taiwan)

July 15, 2015



The Physical Society of the Republic of China (Taiwan) is pleased to submit a letter of intent to host the 2016 C&CC Meeting in Taiwan in 2016. The meeting of IUPAP Executive Council and Commission Chairs (C& CC)was previously held in Trieste, Italy (2015).

IUPAP has held 28 General Assemblies and many commission meetings all of which discuss the issues of physics as well as review research achievement, review issues and agenda's in different areas that have been bought to the council's attention. Over the years, the meetings of IUPAPC & CChave mostly been held in Europe, some in Japan and America and once in Delhi, but not once in Taiwan. We would like to offer our invitation for hosting as well as promoting this C & CC meeting, here in Taiwan. We would like to also take this opportunity to put our name alongside IUPAP and make physicists more aware of its importance and contribution to the physics community. It would be our great honor and pleasure for you to consider our proposal such that we may build, promote, acknowledge and reach for a brighter and better future.

Date: Early October, 2016 (to be decided) Location: Taipei, Taiwan

The Physical Society of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

The mission of the PhysicalSociety of the Republic of China (PSROC)is the development and popularization of the physical sciences. The Society was founded on June 15, 1958, by the Civil Organizations Act of the Ministry of the Interior. The society is located in the Physics Department, National Taiwan University at No.1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100, Taiwan (R.O.C.). In 2012, membership totaled 1,935, comprising 329 life members, 468 regular members, and 1,138 student members. This number was double the number kin 2001, when the number of members was 808. The Society has established a board of 21 directors and five supervisors, all of whom are faculty members and research fellows of universities or research institutes.

The Society conducts various educational activities and academic seminars, including its own annual meeting. The Society has for a long-time participated in the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics and the Association of Asia Pacific Physical Societies, representing the Republic of China in these international organizations. Each year, the Society also manages nominations for the PSROCfellow and candidate academicians of the Academia Sinica. Moreover, the Society presents awards for outstanding theses by graduates and undergraduates as well as the best poster at its Annual Meeting, and it also awards the Chien-Shiung Wu Scholarship.

With respect to activities to promote the academic affairs above, the Society has established four divisions and six committees under its Board of Directors. The established divisions and committees include the Division of the Academy (responsible for academic activities and selection affairs), the Division of Development (under which are the International Affairs Committee, the Physics Education Committee, the Committee on Women in Physics, and the Public Affairs Committee), the Division of Publication (under which are the Chinese Journal of PhysicsEditorial Board, the Bimonthly Editorial Board, and the Network Working Group), and the Division of Finance and Personnel. The Society is a well-organized and active social civil organization.


Conference details


In the 16th century, Portuguese ships sailed to Southeast Asia and discovered Taiwan. Sailors aboard these ships were enchanted by the island's natural beauty and majestic scenery. They exclaimed, "lIha Formosa!", which is Portuguese for "beautiful island!". Ever since, this name has been synonymous with Taiwan.

Taiwan's total land area is only approximately 36,000 square kilometers (14,400 square miles). The island is shaped like a yam that is narrow at both ends; it lies off the south-eastern coast of mainland Asia, across the Taiwan Strait from Mainland China. To the north is Japan; to the south is the Philippines. The beautiful island is on the western edge of the Pacific Ocean. The Central Mountain Range divides the east and west coasts and stretches from north to south. Taiwan's diverse variety of geo-graphical features include mountains, hills, plateaus, plains, basins, and coastline, all of which have a wide range of thriving unique flora and fauna.

Taiwan's geographical and historical uniqueness is associated with a diversity of ethnic groups, cultures, and languages.The members of the twelve officially recognized indigenous tribes number 380,000; each tribe has its own social structure, language, and cultural traditions. Taiwan has a population of 23 million people, who speak regional Chinese dialects along with Mandarin. People in Taiwan enjoy a free, democratic, and safe society. The island has experienced an economic miracle and made achievements in political democracy that have attracted global attention. Today,Taiwan boasts an excellent infrastructure, convenient transportation system, and high-quality communication services. Even in the face of several international energy crises and economic downturns, Taiwan also accomplished a remarkable record of economic development and political democracy by virtue of the perseverance and unremitting efforts of its people.

Taiwanese pride themselves on their hospitality, and are committed to creating a friendly and convenient environment for international visitors.

Taipei, the city in which the conference will be held, has both modern and traditional cultures with a great deal of energy and many smiles. The city, which is located in northern Taiwan, is a multi-faceted treasure that has something special for everyone. It is in every sense a modern metropolis, with its sleek glass and steel architecture, advanced


transportation system, and vast, lively shopping malls, arts venues, restaurants and night spots. The cultural kaleidoscope of Taipei pulses throughout the city. Incense-filled temples, dating back to dynastic times, blend seamlessly with the neon street life of a decidedly more modern era. Taipei has dozens of world-class restaurants where gourmets can sample the best regional Chinese cuisine; and the gourmand can enjoy a myriad night markets that serve up delicious evening snacksin an environment of chaotic excitement and fun.

The polarities of Taipei are vividly evident in the joining of the urban and the natural. Just a few minutes from the heart of the city, the visitor can soak away the cares of the world in mineral-rich hot springs, which are nestled in the lush mountain foothills that surround the Taipei Basin.Throughout the city are plenty of trails, parks and other oases of tranquility to lift and invigorate the spirit. The National Palace Museum, located in the outskirts of Taipei City, houses priceless artifacts that capture the essence of China's five millennia of history. The museum has the finest collection of Chinese art in the world, providing an eye-opening sample of Chinese culture.



Conference locations:

Howard Civil service International House

Howard Civil service International House is right in the heart of two business circles, the National Taiwan University (NTU) and National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) shopping districts. It is within 5 minutes of walking distance from NTU's rich culture and green-shaded campus.

The Convention Hall is a theater-style conference room designed in a loft layout with a capacity for 715 persons. The lower floor accommodates 455 seats and the upper floor 260 seats. The stage is equipped with industrial-class lighting and stereo system. This multi-functional venue offers the versatility to accommodate conferences as well as concerts.




Meeting Room Capacity and Rentals


Room Capacity 13:30-17:00 8:30-17:00 18:30-21:30

1F 101 41 NT$7300 NT$14600 NT$7300

1F 103 78 NT$8000 NT$16000 NT$8000

2F 201/202 / 204/ 205 30 NT$5700 NT$11400 NT$5700

2F 203 48 NT$7600 NT$15200 NT$7600

3F 303 40 NT$7500 NT$15000 NT$7500

3F 304/305 30 NT$5700 NT$11400 NT$5700

4F 401/402/404/405 30 NT$5700 NT$11400 NT$5700

4F403 30 NT$8200 NT$16400 NT$8200

14F VIP 100 NT$17500 NT$35000 NT$17500

lF Conference Room 212 NT$38000 NT$76000 NT$38000 2F Convention Hall 455 NT$45000 NT$90000 NT$45000

2F Convention Hall 715 NT$47000 NT$94000 NT$47000 (Exchange rate 1 US$ = 32 NT$)


Howard Civil Service International House

No. 30, Sec.3, Shin-ShengSouth Road.Taipei, 106,Taiwan,R.O.C. Tel No.:886-2-7712-2323


http://intl-house.howa rd-hotels.com.tw /CT_Asia Pacific1. php ?Psn=4979

From the Airport:

Taoyuan International Airport- Take the high-speed rail (HSR) to Taipei Railway Station and transfer to Taipei MRT or taxi.

Songshan Airport- Take a taxi for about 20 minutes.


Longan Elementary School-

Bus No: 52, 253, 280, 284, 290,311,505,907,0 South, Zhinan 1

Daan Forest Park-

BusNo:3, 15, 18,52,72,74,211,235,237,278,295,626

Heping-Xinsheng Intersection-

253,280,290,311,505,642,0 South, Zhinan 1 and Zhinan 5

Wenzhou Street Corner-

BusNo:3, 15, 18,74,235,237,254,278,295,907,291,672

Civil Service Development Institute-

Bus No: 52, 253, 280, 284, 290, 291, 311, 505, 642,907,0 South, Zhinan 1


National Highway No.1:

Exit Yuanshan Interchange and turn to Jianguo Road (elevated road) -7 turn right after exiting to Heping E. Rd.-7 turn left to Xingsheng S. Road-7 turn right to the Xinhai Road-7 turn into the underground parking of Howard International House.

National Highway No.3:

Exit Shengkeng Interchange and drive towards Taipei-7 pass the Xinhai Road underpass and go straight-s from Jianguo S. Rd. turn left to Xinhai Road and drive on the surface road-7 after passing the Xingsheng S. Road intersection-7 turn to the underground parking of Howard International House.

National Taiwan University (NTU) and National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) are located in the cultural hub of Taipei City attracting thousands of devoted scholars and talented students to enroll every year. NTU has 11 colleges with 54 departments and 103 graduate institutes, plus four university-level research centers: Population and Gender Studies Center, Center for Condensed Matter Sciences, Center for Biotechnology, and Bio-diversity ResearchCenter. The total number of students, including those enrolled at the


School of Professional and Continuing Studies, has grown to over 33,000, including over 17,000 university students and 15,000 graduate students. Now, the number of graduate students at NTU almost equals the number of university students, which indicates that NTU has successfully been transformed into a research university. NTNU consists of 10 colleges that include 32 departments and 22 graduate institutes, offering a wide variety of courses and degrees ranging from the arts and humanities, education, sociology, business management, athletics, to the sciences. NTNU is a vibrant learning community that has long been recognized as one of Taiwan's elite institutions of higher education.

Physicsdepartment and Center for Condensed Matter Sciences,NTU

Transportation in Taipei

MRTjSubway - The MRT metro system is the most convenient way to get around in Taipei. Clean and air-conditioned trains arrive at all stations every five minutes. To keep the transit system clean, smoking, eating, and drinking are strictly prohibited. The well-maintained transit system is well-loved by office workers, students, and tourists.

Hours: 06:00 - 24:00


Ticket Price Comments

One-way ticket NT$20~ 65 1. Suitable for one-time trips. (lC token) Place is determined by 2. Ticket machines sell tickets in

distance. Be sure to double every MRT station.

check ticket price for your 3. Valid only on the day of issue. desti nation.


Taipei Pass One-day Pass NT$180 111.Suitable for short-term travelers. Two-day Pass NT$310 2. Unlimited rides with MRT, city Three-day Pass NT$440 and prefectural buses.

Five-day Pass NT$700 3. Available at the customer service The pass includes a counter in every MRT station. magnetized card. 4. Expires on the date of the

number of days printed on the pass after the date of first-use.

MRT NT$200 (includes NT$50 1.Suitable for one-day visitors One Day Pass deposit which can be who intend to use the MRT to

reimbursed within three days see the most of Taipei.

of purchase at the 2. Effective on the day of purchase. information booth in each Passholder can take the MRTfor station, damaged cards will an unlimited number of times

not be reimbursed) before the passexpires. On pass is for one passenger only.

3. Passesare issued in commemorative editions (Taipei

101) and regular editions (Chiang Kai-ShekMemorial Hall)

Forfirst-time buyers NT$500, ]1 1. Suitable for tourists planning to including NT$400 bus credit. use the MRTto get around Taipei. Amount corresponding to the 2. Accepted by MRT, city and ticket price for a given prefectural buses.

distance is deducted from the 3. Available at the customer service Easy Card for every MRT ride. counter in every MRT station.

4. One passisfor one passengeronly.

Taking the Taxi - Taxis in Taiwan are well-marked and easily recognizable yellow vehicles. Most taxis in Taiwan have a meter and passengers are charged an initial fee plus a surcharge for each 250 meters driven. The initial flat rate

fee is around NT$ 70 for the first 1.25 km (approximately 0.8 miles), and

then a distance-related surcharge of NT$ 5 per 250 meters (about 273 yards) is applied. An extra fee, equivalent to 20 percent ofthe total price, is applied for night service (from 23:00 to 06:00).

Only a few oftaxi drivers speak English and communicate well with foreign travelers. The traveler would do best to present a map or address of the destination written in Chinese. Most of information centers at hotels, and even convenience stores, can call for a taxi. The toll free taxi hotline, 0800-055850, is also helpful.


Accommodation in Taipei

Taipei has a large selection of hotels and resorts.

1. Howard Civil service International House ii¥1I ~3t~".

Some places of interest close to the conference venue follow,

Room type Bed type Room size Price (jnight) Standard Single 1 single bed 18m2 NT$2,700 Semi-Suite lover-size bed 36m2 NT$4,700 Heart Warming room 1 queen size bed 36m2 NT$4,700 Executive-Suite 73m2 NT$16,OOO

• All rooms have multi-channel satellite TV, IDD international direct-dial telephone,

refrigerator, LCD TV, complimentary mineral water, tea bags, self-service tea-making supplies, and Internet. (Exchange rate 1 US$ = 32 NT$)

2. NTU Hsiu Chi House ~**....

Hsiu Chi is located at the National Taiwan University Shuei Yuan Campus. The house has a

central garden with pathways for relaxation. It is very conveniently closed to the Taipei Water Resource Museum, Kuting Riverside Park/Riverside Bicycle Trail, and many shops and restaurants. It is close to transportation hubs that allow easy travel to various locations within Taipei City.

NTU Hsiu Chi House has many very different guest rooms. Its lobby has a high ceiling; it has a multi-functional recreation/entertainment center, and a book shop with a large selection of books, providing a relaxing environment for visitors.

Hsiu Chi House brings in many well-known outlet shops, retail cafes, Hong Kong dim sum restaurants, and a 24 hours convenient store, making it a more convenient place to stay and enjoy delicious food.

All rooms have excellent natural light, a large study area, a private shower, furniture, including a chest of drawers, table and beds (not including mattresses), a fridge, A/C, a bath with hot water around the clock, Internet, cable TV (not including TV license), and in-room telephone jacks.

Room type Bed type No. of Room Room size Price (jnight) Standard Single 1 single bed 126 18.68m2 NT$2,OOO Superior Suite 1 double bed 179 23.80m2 NT$2,200 Superior Double 2 double beds 54 23.80m2 NT$3,OOO Deluxe Suite 1 double bed 73 29.49m2 NT$2,800 Hsiu-ChiSuite 1 double bed 20 35.21m2 NT$3,OOO

1 single bed

5 53.39m2

+1 double bed

Hsiu Chi House is on a non-smoking campus: all smoking is prohibited.

To maintain a safe and quiet environment, neither gambling nor pets are permitted. http://ntudorm.prince.com.tw/lnstitute List.aspx


Taipei Attractions

1. National Palace Museum

The National Palace Museum is one of Taiwan's national museums and has a permanent collection of more than 696,000 pieces of ancient Chinese artifacts and artworks, making it one of the largest in the world. The collection covers over 8,000 years of Chinese history, from the Neolithic age to the late Oing Dynasty. Most of the collections comprise high-quality pieces that were collected by China's ancient emperors.

The museum was established in Nov. 12, 1965 in Shilin, Taipei.

The museum has many treasured items that are the pride of its collection and globally famous; they include antiquities, paintings, calligraphy, rare books, and rare documents.

The Jadeite Cabbage The Meat-shaped Stone The Zong Zhou Zhong http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National Palace Museum http://www.npm.gov.tw/en/

2. Jiufen historical street and northeast coast

The Jiufen historical street is located on a hillside that faces the ocean and is surrounded on three sides by mountains; it is in Ruifang District of New Taipei City, near Keelung. During the Oing Dynasty, a village here was home to nine families and the people in the village requested "nine portions" of all shipments that arrived from town. Accordingly, Jiufen ("nine portions" in Chinese) became the name of the village.


The village was isolated until 1893, when gold was discovered in the area. The resulting gold rush accelerated the village's development into a town, which reached its economic peak during Japanese rule. Many present features of Jiufen reflect the period of Japanese colonization, to this day with many surviving Japanese inns. During World War II, a POW camp named Kinkaseki was set up in the village, holding Allied soldiers (including many British) who had been captured in Singapore and worked in the nearby gold mines. Gold mining activities declined after World War II, and the mine was closed in 1971. Jiufen rapidly went into decline, and for a while, the town was mostly forgotten. In 1989, Hou Hsiao-hsien'sA City of Sadness, the first film to touch on the 228 Incident, then a taboo subject in Taiwan, became a big hit. Consequently, Jiufen, where the film was set, saw a revival. The scenery of Jiufen, seen in the film and appearing in other media, charmed many people into visiting Jiufen. At the beginning of the 1990s, Jiufen experienced a tourist boom that has shaped the town as a tourist attraction. Soon retro-Chinese-style cafes, tea houses, and souvenir stores, bearing the name "City of Sadness",sprang up.

http://www.necoast-nsa.gov.tw/user / Article.aspx?Lang=2&SNo=03000019 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jiufen

Jiufen is a renowned tourist attraction that is representative of Taiwan and draws numerous tourists at the weekends.

3. Yamingshan National Park

The National Park is famous for its cherry blossom, hot springs, sulfur deposits, fumaroles, venomous snakes, hiking trails, and Taiwan's tallest inactive volcano, Seven Star Mountain (height=l,120 m).


During the Oing Dynasty, Yangmingshan was originally called Grass Mountain, which is English for Datun Mountain. During this period, officials were concerned about thieves' stealing: sulfur from the sulfur-rich deposits in the area, so they regularly set fire to the mountain. Therefore, grass-but trees could be seen. The first national park was established during the Japanese occupation in 1937.

In 1950, in order to commemorate the Ming Dynasty scholar Wang Yangming, President Chiang Kai-shek renamed Grass Mountain to Yangmingshan. In 1962, the Taiwan Provincial Bureau of Public Works began to plan the Yangmingshan National Park. The planned area of the park was 28,400 hectares; the park; included Guanyin Mountain and the Datun Volcano Group. Even though mountain elevation in the park ranges from only 200 to 1120 meters, beautiful landscapes that include ridges, valleys, lakes, waterfalls and basins are abundant. Andesite rocks comprise most of the area's geology.

http:Uenglish.ymsnp.gov.tw!index.php?option=com content&view=featured&gp=O&lt emid=104#



Taiwan has highly varied climates. The weather is most agreeable in autumn, and especially in October and November. In winter, the west side of the Central Mountain tends to be drier than the east side. Winters are the best in the southern of the island, as they are warm and dry. Summers are hot and humid with frequent afternoon thunderstorms in the north. The mountains are the island's rainiest region, particularly in summer, when rain falls in short thundershowers, typically in the mid-afternoon. The typhoon season in Taiwan runs from June to October. The months with the most rainy days are in May and June when most thunderstorms occur in the afternoons. Daily temperatures in Taipei can reach approximately 35°C (95°F) in summer and rarely fall below 12°C (53.6°F) in winter.


Organization Committee

Liaison with IUPAP

IUPAP Vice President, and C 10 Commission Chair Ray-Nien Kwo ( 1/2015-12/2017)

Professor, National Tsing Hua University Local Organizing Committee

The physical society of the ROC

President (till 12/2015)

Fu-jen Kao The physical society of the ROC

Professor, National Yang Ming University

Vice President (till 12/2015; new president starting 1/2016) Minn-Tsong Lin The Physical Society of the ROC

Professor, National Taiwan University

International Affair Division

Mon-Shu Ho The physical society of the ROC

Professor, National Chung hsin University


Income Local Expense

Item Cost (USD) Item Cost (USD) IUPAPfunds 10K Coffee breaks/ lunches for 2 days 2K Local sponsorship 10K Banquet & Welcome reception 3K

Social Events and outings lK

Meeting place rentals 3K

Part-time assistant allowances lK

Total 20K (USD) Total 10K (USD)

Tentative Pre-conference Timeline

March 1, 2016 Meeting Website launch

May 1, 2016 st announcement


July 1, 2016 2nd announcement

Sep. 12016 0n line registration open

Sep.12016 Hotel reservations open

Sep.30 2016 Hotel reservation deadline

Early Oct. 2016 Meeting


Tentative Conference Schedule

Day before conference

5:00 ~ 6:00 pm Registration

6:00 ~ 8:00 pm Welcome reception

Day 1

9:00 Opening remarks, the Director of ICTP 9:30 Welcome by President IUPAP

9:45 Introduction of members 10:30 Break

11:00 Introduction to IUPAP

11:30 Resolutions from General Assembly 12:30 Lunch

14:00 Report

14:30 Minutes of previous C&CCmeeting 15:00 The role and operation of Commissions 15:30 Break

16:00 Commission matters

17:00 Conferences Proposed for Endorsement 17:15 Procedures for Sponsorship of Conferences 18:00 Close of Day 1 of meeting

19:00 Dinner arrangements

Day 2

9:00 Financial Matters

10:00 IUPAPinternet

10:15 Newsletter

10:30 Commission contributions towards the IUPAPMission 11:00 Break

11:30 Affiliated Commissions

12:00 Working Groups

12:15 ICSUMatters

12:40 Interunion Representatives

13:00 Lunch

14:30 Discussion

14:45 Other business

15:00 Review of meeting, and future procedures 16:00 Close of C&CCmeeting, Break

19:30 Dinner



A.l Visa

Countries eligible for visa-exempt entry:

Permit duration of stay up to 90 days:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, U.K., U.S.A.and Vatican City State.

Permit duration of stay up to 30 days:

1. Australia, Malaysia, Singapore.

2. The nationals of India, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, who also possess a valid visa or permanent residence certificate issued by U.s.A., Canada, Japan, U.K., Schengen Convention countries, Australia or New Zealand are eligible for the visa exemption program, which permits a duration of stay up to 30 days. (http:Uwww.boca.gov.tw!ct.asp?xltem=1443&ctNode=536&mp=2)

Foreign nationals may obtain tourist visas if they hold foreign passports or travel documents valid for more than six months in the Republic of China for purposes of sightseeing, business, family visits, study or training, medical treatment, or other legitimate activities. Visa requirements included one completed application form, incoming and outgoing travel tickets, one photo, documents verifying the purpose of the visits, and other relevant documents. The Visitor Visa Application Form can be downloaded from the website of the Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The completed form should be submitted to an overseas mission of the Republic of China for visa issuance.

Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Address: 3-SF.,Central United Office Building, No.2-2, Sec.1, Jinan Rd., Taipei City TEL:+886-2-2343-2888

Fax: +886-2-2343-2968

Service: Apply for Visas, Passport, Authentication Open Hours: 08:30 -17:00, Monday to Friday

Letter of Invitation:

A Letter of Invitation for visa application or permission to attend the meeting will be provided. With the providing of your full name, complete mailing address and reference number of the submitted digest, an original letter will be sent to you by post.


A.2 Airlines serving Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

Air Ausan, Air China, Air Macau, AirAsia Berhad, AirAsia X, All Nippon Airways, Asiana Airlines, Astro Airline, Cathay Pacific Airways, Cebu Pacific Air, China airlines, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern, Delta Air Lines, Dragonair, Emirates airlines, Eva Airways, Far Eastern Air Transport, Garuda Indonesia, Hainan Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines, Japan Airlines, Jetstar Airways, Juneyao Airlines, KLM Asia, Korean Air, Malaysia airlines, Mandarin Airlines, Peach Aviation, Philippine Airlines, Oantas Airways, Scoot, Shandong

Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Sichuan Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Spring Airlines, Tai Airways, Tiger Air, Trans Asia Airways, Uni Airways, United Airlines, Vanilla Air, Vietnam Airlines, Xiamen Airlines.

A.3 Accessto TAIPEIfrom Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

Public transportation

The transportation network connecting to the Airport is highly efficient. Travelers entering or departing the country can choose from a variety of transportation methods to and from the airport. The high speed rail which allows direct access to all major cities and the buses which travel between various regions make it extremely convenient for travelers to go to and from the destination of their choice and the airport. Visitors may also take a taxi or a tour bus if they wish to reach their destination directly.


Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport in Taoyuan County is Taipei's main gateway and is a 40-minute ride away from the city center. There are two terminals in the Airport. Four bus companies, Kuo Guang Bus, Free Go, Air Bus, and Evervoyage, operate a shuttle service every 15 to 30 minutes to and from Taipei from 5:30am to 1:30am. The one-way shuttle fare to or from the airport range from NT$120 to NT$ 150 per passenger. References:

(1) Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Tourist service link: http:Uwww.taoyuanairport.gov.tw!english!i ndex. jsp

(2) Procedures & Regulations for Arrival: http:Uwww.taoyuanairport.gov.tw!english!Publish.jsp?cnid=1188


Taxis operating by shifts are located at the west side of the Terminal l's and Terminal 2's Arrivals Lobby at the Airport. All taxis drivers must pass a strict evaluation process by the Aviation Police Office before being allowed to service airport travelers. The comprehensive management protocol ensures safety for all travelers. The service is also provided 24 hours a day. Fares are charged according to set standard rates. Airport Taxis charge according to the meter plus a 5% surcharge (highway tolls not included). Taxi service from the Airport to downtown Taipei typically costs approximately NT$l,200.

Car Rental

There is a car rental counter, operated by several of rental companies at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. Foreign visitors need an international driver's license to drive in Taiwan.



Artfiras Zukauskas\ Gintaras Valusis2 and Grazina Tautvaisiene" IRector of the Vilnius University, Tel: +370 5 2687010 e-mail: rector@vu.lt 2Director of the Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, Tel. +370 5 2649211, e-mail: gintaras.valusis@ftmc.lt

3Vice-President of the Lithuanian Physics Society, Tel. +370 618 49941, e-mail: grazina.tautvaisiene@tfai.vu.lt

We kindly invite the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUP AP) to hold the next Council and Commission Chairs (C&CC) meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Education and research in physics are of high priority and respect in Lithuania. We would be delighted to introduce the IUP AP C&CC with achievements of Lithuanian physicists by holding the 2016 meeting at premises of the Vilnius University (VU) and the Center of Physical Sciences and Technology (CPST).


1st day meeting is to be hold at the Senate Hall of the Vilnius University in the center/old town of Vilnius ( http://www.vu.1t/en/ ). All participants will sit at an oval table equipped with microphones, an electric power for laptops will be available.

The University of Vilnius, one of the oldest and most famous establishments of higher education in Eastern and Central Europe, was founded in 1579. A guided tour to the historic heritage places of the Vilnius University and its library will be organized. More than 20 thousands of students study at the University nowadays. VU has been invited to the Coimbra Group in 2015. The rector being a physicist will provide an overview of education and research in physics at VU.

2nd day meeting is to be hold at the meeting room of the Center for Physical Sciences

and Technology ( http://www.ftmc.1t/en ) at the newly built building in the Student Campus of the Vilnius University. All participants will sit at an oval table and an electric power for laptops will be available. Transportation to the place will be provided.

CPST is the largest scientific research institution carrying out a unique fundamental research and technological development works in scientific fields of laser technologies, optoelectronics, nuclear physics, organic chemistry, bio and nanotechnologies, electrochemical material science, functional materials, electronics, etc. in Lithuania.


The IUP AP delegated will be able to visit the new laboratories. The Cl'S'T director will overview activities of the center.

Reception at the Vilnius University Planetarium. This place is in the center of Vilnius. Lecturers of the Planetarium will enliven the meeting with a show. About 30 thousands of visitors come to the Planetarium every year. Recently the Planetarium marked the 50th anniversary of its activities and is the only planetarium in Baltic states.

Meeting dinner can take place at many restaurants in the old town of Vilnius, e.g. "PRIE KA TEDROS" which is located in one of the most beautiful places in Vilnius Gediminas Avenue. Here are still cherished thousand-year tradition of brewing and you can taste three kinds of live beer. The cozy atmosphere and delicious European cuisine will make you feel really special. The restaurant has 4 halls, 96 seats, VIP hall for various occasions. Booked in advance, the restaurant is organizing shows of the brewing way (http://www.priekatedros.1t1Bravoras Prie Katedros/Fotogalerija.html)


Among economic hotels for the accommodation, e.g. a hotel "TIL TO" is located in the center of Vilnius, about 500 meters from the meeting venue. A price per night for a single room _ 60 Eur.


sy nOw4QRetjxdvOxIZgcgS26131450298%3Apl%3Ata%3Ap 1%3Ap2%3Aac%3Aap 1t 1%3Aneg;sid=8f99baeOe 1a5f90ffde 7125 d94 36c94c ;dcid=4 ;ucfs= 1;srfid=405 f7c574ac3 becf52bbaf3ba4bfla3fc1354754X1;highlight room=


The Vilnius airport is just about 6 km from the city center. Operating airlines and destinations of direct flights can be found here:

https:llen.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vilnius Airport

SUPPORT FROM THE HOSTS - We will provide the meeting and reception venues, lunches, guided tours to the historic heritage places of the Vilnius University and its library, transportation to the 2nd day meeting venue at the Cl'S'T as well as requested secretarial support.




The venue and services during the meeting

The meeting will be host at the Institute (IFIC): http://ific.uv.es

Either seminar rooms or lecture halls (as convenient) will be available for the meeting Distance from hotels is about 10 minutes by car/bus

Lunch and coffee-breaks will be provided at the Institute

A dinner will be offered to the participants of the IUPAP C&CC meeting




Proposed hotels for the participants

Melia Palacio de Congreso* * * * Sercotel Sorolla Palace****sup Eurostars Gran Valencia****

Rate DSUBB: 93,SO¤ Rate DSUBB: 80,00¤ Rate DSUBB: 79,00 ¤ Rate DBL BB: 104,SO¤ Rate DBL BB: 90,00¤ Rate DBL BB: 8S,00¤

*VAT not included

Cheaper possibilities possible





Transportation will be provided by the organization

Morning transfer: Evening transfer: Dinner transfer:

08:30 55 Seater Bus 17:00 55 Seater Bus 20:00 55 Seater Bus

From the hotel to IFIC From IFIC to the hotel From the hotel to the restaurant

0:00 55 Seater Bus

From the restaurant to the hotel





See recent article by Le Monde:




In the centre of Spain's eastern coast, bathed by the waters of the Mediterranean, VALENCIA shines brightly as a b~aptiful cosmopolitan city, kind to its inhabitants and visitors, s¥-fZIy combinin its rich historical heritage with the rR~st absolute mqEte1f1i)ty.

~ 3rd. largest city of Spain

~ Population: 807.396

~ Population of the Metropolitan Area: 1.506.831



Lisbon London Manchester Marsella

Bucarest Milan

Budapest Moscow

Catania Munich

Dublin Palermo

,, - Dubrovnik

, I "fAT!/::j~n.Stuttga:t Dusseldorf


Eindhoven Stambul

Frankfurt (Sf

Viena Zurich


~Aip~nnection to most of th panish large cities eed Train (AVE) connecting Madr d Valenci

Train connection to Barcelona (EUROMED)3 hours a~ 20 ~nutes

Taxi/subway from airport to city ",15 minutes


, L':" ,'f th~ .I'·j

£t:':u ;I:J".II~"

·1l.-,;e -'''·.:"Tti

..... ...


ill!! ~,ttit f>.DC'

'n:'''2~!t''L!; "e

- I~



.p '.,1

_... r!j

Metro line fro",uthe airport tothe11.citY centre and harbour ..

Tra m Ii.n,e,,,fronfJthe west to the east- ,

• --.._- c "I'," r

I./High Speed·::Train (AVE) linking Madrid and Valencia in 1 hour 30 'tnin.

58 Bus lines



More than 2000 YEARS OF HISTORY

• Founded by the Romans

• Cultural and economic capital of the Mediterranean during the 14th and 15th centuries


• A large Old Quarter








The largest cultural-educational complex in Europe



"Forbidden not to touch, not to think, not to feel"

./ 40,000 m2 devoted to bringing science and technology closer to the public

./ Parking, restaurants, parks


The only cinema in Spain with three different audiovisual shows: (Capacty for 300 pax)

~ Planetarium

~ IMAX Dome

~ Laserium



An outstanding centre:


~ Dance







../ 19 0 C: annual average temperature

../ More than 300 days per year sunshine

../ Mediterranean gastronomy

../ Wine testing

../ Orange tour

../ Activities in nature reserve "La Albufera"










We wait for you next 2016 in



C&CC Mtg 2016


G Member Attending Country Taipei Valencia Vilnius

C1 Bruce McKellar Melbourne, Australia $ 1,100 $ 2,200 $ 2,000

C1 Cecilia Jarlskog Lund, Sweden $ 1,155 $ 263 $ 197

C1 Kennedy Reed CA,USA $ 1,320 $ 1,604 $ 1,002

C1 Kok Khoo Phua Singapore $ 300 $ 1,100 $ 1,100 C1 Rudzani Nemutudi Cape Town, South Africa $ 1,996 $ 1,060 $ 1,328 VP Monica Pepe-Altarelli Geneva, Switzerland $ 882 $ 167 $ 295

VP Alex Hansen Norway $ 1,115 $ 241 $ 218

VP Vitaly Kveder Moscow, Russia $ 1,362 $ 295 $ 250

VP Wenlong Zhan Beijing, China $ 300 $ 1,200 $ 1,200

C2 Vanderlei Salvador Bagnato Sao Paulo, Brazil $ 1,636 $ 1,765 $ 1,943

C3 Ita mar Procaccia Tel Aviv, Israel $ 1,369 $ 382 $ 343

C4 Karl-Heinz Kampert Dusseldorf, Germany $ 700 $ 165 $ 257

C5 John Saunders London, UK $ 1,146 $ 262 $ 279

C6 Aihua Xie Oklahoma, USA $ 1,487 $ 1,645 $ 1,034

C8 Michael Thewalt Vancouver, Canada $ 711 $ 834 $ 819

C9 Xiaofeng Jin Shanghai, China $ 284 $ 974 $ 1,040

C10 Raynien Kwo Taiwan $ - $ 931 $ 1,328

C11 Juan Fuster Valencia, Spain $ 1,001 $ - $ 348

C12 Alinka teplne-Szllv Sao Paulo, Brazil $ 1,636 $ 1,765 $ 1,943

C13 Sandro Scandolo Trieste, Italy $ 738 $ 162 $ 411

C14 Hideo Nitta Tokyo, Japan $ 400 $ 1,300 $ 1,000

C15 Toshiyuki Azuma Tokyo, Japan $ 400 $ 1,300 $ 1,000

C16 Lin-Ni Hau Taiwan $ - $ 931 $ 1,328

C17 Deborah Kane Sydney, Australia $ 527 $ 1,202 $ 1,109

C18 Manfred Salmhofer Frankfurt, Germany $ 536 $ 179 $ 243

C19 Grazina Tautvaisiene Vilnius, Lithuania $ 1,070 $ 310 $ -

C20 HaiQing Lin Beijing, China $ 300 $ 1,200 $ 1,200

AC1 Yasuhiko Arakawa Tokyo, Japan $ 400 $ 1,300 $ 1,000

AC2 Gary Horowitz California, USA $ 1,320 $ 1,604 $ 1,002

AC3 Marion Burgess Canberra, Australia $ 958 $ 1,282 $ 1,351

AC4 Fridtjof Nusslin Munich, Germany $ 519 $ 177 $ 169

Sun Han Singapore $ 300 $ 1,100 $ 1,100

Maitri Bobba Singapore $ 300 $ 1,100 $ 1,100

Total in USD $ 27,268 $ 30,000 $ 28,937

Total in EUR ¤ 24,814 ¤ 27,300 ¤ 26,333