AC4: Members

AC4: Members

Officers, IOMP 2018 – 2021

IOMP President: Madan Rehani
Email: Madan Rehani

IOMP Vice-President and Chair of IUPAP AC4: John Damilakis
Email: John Damilakis

IOMP Past-President: Slavik Tabakov
Email: Slavik Tabakov

IOMP Secretary General: Virginia Tsapakh
Email: Virginia Tsapakh

IOMP Treasurer: Ibrahim Duhaini
Email: Ibrahim Duhaini

Committee Chairs, IOMP

Geoffrey Ibbott, Science, SC
Email: Geoffrey Ibbott

Arun Chougule, Education & Training, ETC
Email: Arun Chougule

Yakov Pipman, Professional, PRC
Email: Yakov Pipman

Paolo Russo, Publication, PC
Email: Paolo Russo

Simone Kodlulovich, Awards & Honors, AHC
Email: Simone Kodlulovich

Associate Members, IUPAP Commissions

Sandro Scandolo, Chair, IUPAP C13, Physics for Development
Email: Sandro Scandolo

Hideo Nitta, Chair,  IUPAP C14, Physics Education
Email: Hideo Nitta

Aihua Xie, Chair, IUPAP C6, Biological Physics
Email; Aihua Xie

2 External Scientists Co-opted by AC-4:

Eva Bezak: Adelaide, Australia
Email: Eva Bezak

Huda M. Al-Naemi: Qatar
Email: Huda M Al-Naemi


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