C10: Structure and Dynamics of Condensed Matter

C10: Structure and Dynamics of Condensed Matter

The Commission on Structure and Dynamics of Condensed Matter (C10) was established by the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics in 1960 to promote the exchange of information and views among the members of the international scientific community in the general field of Condensed Matter Physics.

C10 Young Scientist Prize 2017

Dr. Cui-Zu Chang, from the Francis Bitter Magnet lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has been elected to be the Young Scientist Award winner for 2017 

“For the discovery of quantum anomalous Hall effect in magnetically doped 3D topological insulator films.”

Cui-Zu Chang

Dr. Cui-Zu Chang received his PhD in Condensed Matter Physics from Tsinghua University in 2013, and is a postdoctoral at Francis Bitter Magnet lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) since graduation.  His research interests are quantum coherent systems such as topological insulators (TI) and in particular topics such as quantum anomalous Hall (QAH) effect, layered 2D materials, interface superconductivity, triplet superconductivity and tunneling phenomena. A pioneer in observing QAH in a 3D TI, he is well-known and leading young expert in the rapidly developing field of TI with many highly cited publications in the field and worldwide collaborations. He holds several awards including the Switzerland Dimitris N. Chorafas Foundation Award (2013). He will start his assistant professorship at Department of Physics, Penn State University in Jan. 2017.


C10 Young Scientist Prize 2017 nominations due 15 August 2016

The deadline for the nominations of the C10 2017 Young Scientist Prize in the Structure and Dynamics of Condensed Matter is 15 August 2016. Nominations should be sent to Commission Chair Professor J. Raynien Kwo.

Please click here for submission details


C10 Young Scientist Prize 2016

Dr Wenzhong Bao, from Fudan University China, has been elected to be the Young Scientist Award winner for 2016.

“For his outstanding contribution in electrical and mechanical properties of the low-dimensional quantum materials.”

Wenzhong Bao received his B.S. degree in Nanjing University, China in 2006 and Ph.D. from Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of California, Riverside in 2011, then worked as a  postdoctoral researcher at University of Maryland, College Park. He has been at the present position since 2015.

C10 - YSP - 2016

From left to right: Sharon Glotzer (University of Michigan), Chair DCMP; Wenzhong Bao (Fudan University), YSP C10 2016 winner; Laura Greene (National MagLab and Florida State University) DMP Past Chair and IUPAP C10 Vice Chair; John Mitchell (Argonne National Laboratory) DMP Chair


The Young Scientist Award for the year 2015 was awarded to Prof Keji Lai.

The award was presented during the award session of DCMP and DMP on 3rd March 2015 (Tuesday).  It was part of the March meeting of The American Physical Society in San Antonio, Texas.



The Young Scientist Award 2015 winner Prof Keji Lai (centre) with Prof Raynien Kwo (Left) and Prof Laura Green (Right)