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C13: News


The Commission on Physics for Development (C13) opens nominations for its inaugural IUPAP Physics for Development Medal 2016 – Deadline for submission – 31 July 2016


The recipient must have earned a post secondary school degree in physics or a related discipline.

The recipient must be employed in a developing country (any country that is not in the list of “high-income” countries in http://data.worldbank.org/about/country-and-lending-groups is eligible).

Previous Medal recipients will not be eligible for another Medal.



The C13 Commission will maintain an ongoing request for nominations for the Medal with an indication of the year in which the next Medal will be awarded.

The C13 Commission will advertise the Medal electronically on its Website (http://iupap.org/commissions/c13-physics-for-development).


Nomination Procedure

Any physicist who is well acquainted with the work of the nominee can make a nomination for the Medal.

Self-nominations will not be considered. The deadline for nominations is July 31st 2016.

The nomination package should include the following:

a. Nomination letter

b. Two additional letters of support

c. Curriculum vitae of the nominee.

All letters should provide concrete examples of initiatives successfully undertaken by the nominee that have led to transformative enhancements in the state of physics in one or more developing countries. Of particular importance are relevant reports, publications and related news stories that provide strong support for the nomination.

The nomination letter should propose a citation for the award that consists of a single sentence that succinctly summarizes the achievements for which the award is to be made. The author of a supporting letter should not be a nominator of someone else. At least one supporting letter must come from someone who is not at the nominee’s institution.

The nominee’s curriculum vitae should include an employment and educational history and lists of publications, scientific and outstanding service awards, and invited talks. Nomination materials should be sent by electronic mail to the current C13 Commission Chair – Prof Sandro Scandolo (scandolo@ictp.it).


Selection Process

The Selection Committee will consist of five (5) persons who are Members or Associate Members of the C13 Commission and may consult with appropriate external assessors.

The main criterion will be the identification of highly successful transformative initiatives conceived and implemented by the nominee that have enhanced the state of physics in one or more developing countries.

In the year of the Medal selection, the full C13 Commission will give the final approval of the award recipient at the annual C13 Commission meeting. The formal announcement of the Medal recipient will be made soon afterwards.