C5: Commission Information

C5: Commission Information

LT28 (in 2017)

The 28th International Conference on Low Temperature Physics will be held in Gothenburg, Sweden 9-16 August, 2017 (Conference Chair: Prof. Per Delsing). Several satellite meetings are also anticipated: Ultra Low Temperature Physics; Quantum Transport etc. It is anticipated that the web-site will go live in summer 2015.

By natural rotation, LT29 is expected to be held in Asia; LT26 was in Beijing, China, in 2011 and LT27 was in Buenos Aires in 2014. A call for proposals will be issued with an anticipated deadline for receipt of nominations in April 2017. The C5 Commission anticipates that the selection will be finalized during its meeting in Gothenburg at the time of LT28, and announced at the end of that meeting.


Fritz London Memorial Prize

Simon Prize