C9: Awards

C9: Awards

IUPAP Young Scientist Prize in Magnetism

C9 is pleased to announce the award of IUPAP Young Scientist Prizes in Magnetism to the below recipients in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the areas of physics within the remit of the Commission.



  • Dr. Luqiao Liu, MIT
    For the pioneering demonstrations of the spin Hall effect excitation of ferromagnetic resonance, and of the surprisingly large spin Hall angles of particular heavy metals as determined by spin-torque ferromagnetic resonance, for seminal experiments and analysis of magnetic switching and auto-oscillation driven by that spin Hall effect, and for continuing research advancing the understanding and applicability of spin-orbit torques.


  • Dr. Wei Han, Peking University, China
    For significant contributions to spin injection, spin transport and spin relaxation in graphene, and to the discovery of interface transparency and triangular antiferomagnetic IrMn3 for spin orbit torque in magnetic heterostructures.


  • Dr. Marius V. Costache
    For the development of new methods to excite and detect on-chip ferromagnetic resonance and new detection schemes for the magnon-drag effect
  • Dr. Masamitsu Hayashi
    For the pioneering work on domain wall dynamics in magnetic nanowires and contributions to the development of current controlled magnetism in magnetic heterostructures using spin orbit effects


  • Dr Suchitra Sebastian, Cambridge, U.K


  • Sergio O. Valenzuela, Departament de Fica, Campus de la UAB, Universitat Automa de Barcelona, Spain University
    For significant contributions to nonlocal spin-detection methods, including the first electronic detection of the spin Hall effect and of pure spin currents.
  • Eiji Saitoh, Department of Applied Physics and Physico-Informatics, Keio University, Japan
    For the fabrication of highly original nanostructures and for the discovery of important spin transport phenomena, including the spin-Seebeck effect and the inverse spin-Hall effect.
  • Takashi Kimura, Division of Electronics Materials and Devices, INAMORI Frontier Research Center, Kyushu University, Japan
    For the study of spin transport in lateral metallic spin valves, and the observation of the pure spin-current induced magnetization reversal and the reversible spin Hall effect.


  • Siddharth Shanker Saxena, Kyoto, Japan
  • Satoshi Okamoto, Kyoto, Japan


C9 Commission Award – IUPAP Magnetism Award and Néel Medal

  • 2018 – Call for Nominations
  • 2015 – Prof Chia-Ling Chien
  • 2012 – Prof. Sadamichi Maekawa, Tokai, Japan and Prof. Yoshinori Tokura, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2009 – Stuart S.P. Parkin, San Jose, California, USA
  • 2006 – J.C. Slonczewski, Kyoto, Japan
  • 2003 – G. Aeppli, H. Ohno and D.D. Awschalom, Rome, Italy
  • 2000 – F. Steglich, Recife, Brazil
  • 1997 – R. J. Birgeneau, Cairns, Australia
  • 1994 – A. Fert and P. Grunberg, Warsaw, Poland
  • 1991 – A.J. Freeman, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK


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